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Sippin Hot Blickety Block N Bop Those Bad Battle Boy Down To Size Supreme is an endless runner arcade game set in a cute toy block land where it’s survival of the highest!

Play as Nutmeg (or one of the other four unlockable characters) as you make your way forward as far as you can without dying. Blocking your path are other blocklike denizens of this toy land. Be careful! If you touch one of them, you want to be higher up or you’ll get bopped. It’s a bop or get bopped world.

Game Design

Nimbly jump around the screen defeating enemies, avoiding the lava, and collecting coins, but one wrong move and you’re toast. Some play it safe by hovering at the ceiling but if you want to rack up points, you have to face a little danger. Get your name on the leaderboard and unlock more characters when you score big!

Different kinds of enemies will move in different ways. Stair enemies will happily go forward until they spot the player, spinner enemies will always climb up then spin down, and so on. A single enemy by itself doesn’t pose much of a threat, but putting them together creates a wild playground for the player to navigate through.

Deciding when and which enemies appear is a curated balance between procedural generation and purposeful design. We initially started entirely with random generation, but it resulted in repetitive gameplay. Not fun! To offset that, we programmed small waves of set enemy encounters, which are randomly selected and delivered back to back, progressing from easier waves to harder ones. In combination with a procedurally generated background, no two runs are alike! This was important to establish in a game with one hit kills and high replayability.  We hope that each playthrough will be a unique and enjoyable challenge with this design.

Behind the Curtain

This game was supposed to be a one week project collaboration between two siblings. Somehow, two years passed and a fully formed game came into existence.

“I just meant for this to be a quick thing to work on between semesters. In the time since we started working on the game, I’ve graduated and moved to a different country! So much for a one week project. It just happened that my brother’s work ethic and passion was contagious and inspired me to reach for new heights. Without him, the game would not be as polished and shiny as it is today and I am so excited for everyone to see what we made!” - Cooper (dev)
“I need rest.” - Christian (artist)

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The animation was all hand-drawn and every image was painstakingly painted by Christian’s calloused animator hands. So calloused and worn, those precious animator hands needed a break and so the help of Christian’s two siblings was requested. The three of them each built towering block structures used as the background in the game, which led to three different styles of backgrounds. It'd be interesting to see if anyone can tell the difference!

Deciding on the name of the game was another combined effort between us three siblings. It ended up so long that we just call it “the game” out loud and type it out as SHBBNBTBBBDTS. On one of the early development days, we sat down at our parent's dining table and started riffing off of each other's ideas. That’s how “Sippin Hot Blickety Block N Bop Those Bad Battle Boys Down To Size Supreme'' came to be. To this day it’s a marketing nightmare and yet we can’t get rid of it.

Boppin' Bops

Also the music! The first track made for the game is by Kat, who nailed the vibe. Christian ended up composing the rest of them, not to mention crafting all the sound effects.

“From the beginning, I had the genre Kawaii Future Bass in mind when I made the sfx and music. It has a very cute and fun energy to it that I was trying to capture in the sound for the game. This was my first time making music in general so it was pretty tough trying to learn as much as I could and make something that worked but I had a blast doing it. Actually, this whole project was filled with a lot of firsts for us. But then again, what’s more fun than trying something new? I hope you enjoy what we put together!” - Christian 

Our Sincere Thanks

With the release of our first game, we'd like to thank everyone for your support along the way and all the hype and anticipation leading up to release. It's finally here!!

Sippin Hot Blickety Block N Bop Those Bad Battle Boys Down To Size Supreme is up on Itch.io and Steam. Thank you!

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